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In order to add value to your purchase, we have curated some great products that are sure enhance your user experience. The best part is you can choose which gift is relevant to you.

These items represent real value. They are frequently sold separately and recommended by astronomy shops across the country.

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Brought to you by the David Chandler Company.

The Night Sky Planisphere

The"Night"Sky™ is the original two-sided planisphere (also called a star dial or star chart) uniquely designed to reduce distortion and printed on a light background for night readability.  The Night Sky™ is die cut for specific latitudes, to provide the truest view of the starry night based upon where the viewer is watching the sky.  If you choose this gift, you'll need to provide your latitude range. There are different versions of this planishere: large and small, and plastic and cardboard. You will receive the most valuable one, the large one made of plastic. It will last for years. Find out more here.

Sky Atlas for Small Telescopes and Binoculars

Most star atlases are designed for use with 6 to 8 inch telescopes. This sky atlas provides a quality resource for use with starter or intermediate telescopes and binoculars. There is so much to learn about the night sky, and mastering your telescope using this resource will give you a solid foundation. Find out more here.

Night Reader Pro Astronomer's Flashlight

The Night Reader Pro™ is designed specifically for astronomers. The red light it emits will not deplete your night vision like a white light will.  With adjustable brightness it can be bright enough for walking around a dark site and dimmed down to a comfortable level for reading a chart or atlas. It comes with a lifetime factory warranty and is made in the U.S.A. Find out more here.

Brought to you by Astrozap

Full Aperture Bahtinov Mask Focusing Screen

A Bahtinov mask is indispensable when trying to achieve razor sharp focus, especially for astophotography. This focusing aid is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. out of single-sheet aluminum (unlike the many less durable plastic counterparts on the market). The aluminum is powder coated to avoid abrasion. Plastic screws and adjustable rubber grommets help the mask fit snugly on the objective of your telescope with no worry of damage. It comes in a few sizes, and we'll make sure you get the right one for your telescope. Find out more here.


Dew Heater Strap

The Dew Heater Strap is your partner in actively avoiding condensation on your lenses or mirrors. You've taken all the steps necessary to get the perfect shot, and you don't want it to be ruined by foggy lenses. Made in America with robust stitching, this strap generates heat evenly along its length and is Velcro-adjustable. It comes in a few sizes to fit your scope perfectly. We'll send you the most appropriate one. Find out more here.


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28 reviews

This was an awesome buy! Great starter telescope, would recommend!

I took the attached photo with my phone through the telescope (with the phone included smartphone adapter)


This telescope is awesome. My wife and I are serious beginners and have been loving it. Ryan with telescope space has been nothing but incredible. So very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Thank you guys so much for a fantastic start to this amazing hobby!!!

Quality and value - across the board

My first telescope purchase and I hit the jackpot with Telescope Space! While doing my research, I found that pricing at the various online sites was very comparable. I chose Telescope Space for my purchase because of the avaialability of the equipment in which I was intersted. Little did I know that I would receive the absolute best online customer service I have ever experienced. And when I was having a problem with my newly purchased telescope (my problem - not the equipment's) I made a call to Telescope Space and was provided fantastic assistance by the founder of the company.

If you value customer service, I strongly suggest using telescope Space for all your astronomical optical needs - you won't be sorry you did. . .

Great Telescope for beginner

Astronomer myself, I choiced this telescope for my 5 years old son who wants to explore the Universe.... And I ve been very impressed by the global quality of this product... all the optics are good enough to watch planets and near Messier objects....It s a great deal for all beginner (young and even expert)...