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In order to add value to your purchase, we have curated some great products that are sure enhance your user experience. The best part is you can choose which gift is relevant to you.

These items represent real value. They are frequently sold separately and recommended by astronomy shops across the country.

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The Night Sky Planisphere

The"Night"Sky™ is the original two-sided planisphere (also called a star dial or star chart) uniquely designed to reduce distortion and printed on a light background for night readability.  The Night Sky™ is die cut for specific latitudes, to provide the truest view of the starry night based upon where the viewer is watching the sky.  If you choose this gift, you'll need to provide your latitude range. There are different versions of this planishere: large and small, and plastic and cardboard. You will receive the most valuable one, the large one made of plastic. It will last for years. Find out more here.

Sky Atlas for Small Telescopes and Binoculars

Most star atlases are designed for use with 6 to 8 inch telescopes. This sky atlas provides a quality resource for use with starter or intermediate telescopes and binoculars. There is so much to learn about the night sky, and mastering your telescope using this resource will give you a solid foundation. Find out more here.

Night Reader Pro Astronomer's Flashlight

The Night Reader Pro™ is designed specifically for astronomers. The red light it emits will not deplete your night vision like a white light will.  With adjustable brightness it can be bright enough for walking around a dark site and dimmed down to a comfortable level for reading a chart or atlas. It comes with a lifetime factory warranty and is made in the U.S.A. Find out more here.

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Full Aperture Bahtinov Mask Focusing Screen

A Bahtinov mask is indispensable when trying to achieve razor sharp focus, especially for astophotography. This focusing aid is proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. out of single-sheet aluminum (unlike the many less durable plastic counterparts on the market). The aluminum is powder coated to avoid abrasion. Plastic screws and adjustable rubber grommets help the mask fit snugly on the objective of your telescope with no worry of damage. It comes in a few sizes, and we'll make sure you get the right one for your telescope. Find out more here.


Dew Heater Strap

The Dew Heater Strap is your partner in actively avoiding condensation on your lenses or mirrors. You've taken all the steps necessary to get the perfect shot, and you don't want it to be ruined by foggy lenses. Made in America with robust stitching, this strap generates heat evenly along its length and is Velcro-adjustable. It comes in a few sizes to fit your scope perfectly. We'll send you the most appropriate one. Find out more here.


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Explore Scientific Mak Cas 152 with EXOS2GT MOUNT

I did considerable shopping around and finally decided to buy my 152 Mak from Telescope Space. Ryan was very helpful with all my questions concerning Explore Scientific and my specific purchase. After a short period using my scope and mount, the mount seemed to have more play than it should have. Ryan had the Explore Scientific owner call me directly, where he immediately offered to exchange my mount. He also had the factory ship out the new mount while I was still using my original unit. Excellent service and sales support from both Ryan at Telescope Space and Explore Scientific. I will buy again from Telescope Space!


Very clear, I am impressed for $38

Ryan knows what he is talking about.

Prompt customer service, positive attitude, great results

An engineering beauty

I have owned many tripods. I have spent years trying to find an altazmith tripod that could carry a reasonable amount wieght, yet be portable, and have the handling and maneuverability of a Porsche, especially as the power goes up. This is a very well enginered tripod. It is as if they said let's not try to make it look a certain way, let's make it work a certain way, and that's why it looks extraterrestrial. Very well made with very little plastic. Fit and finish is close to perfect........9.9 on a 10 scale....5 stars +.....Carlos B.

Great Scope & Mount

As a higher-level amateur, I was looking for a decent scope & mount that I can modify for my needs. The 130mm Newtonian scope fits my needs quite well. It comes with a 25mm eye piece--which is great. I would consider purchasing other eye pieces at the same time to give you a variety of magnification options. I'd recommend something like a 12mm and 8, or 6mm eye pieces to complement the 25mm. Getting a 2X Barlow will double your eye piece viewing options. The higher number will give you a wider view, smaller number a tighter, more magnified view. In order to just resolve the bands & zones of Jupiter, I need to use an 8mm eyepiece. For exploring Lunar geography, or seeing the Galilean Moons, the 25mm is sufficient. Saturn is just discernable, until you switch-out the eye piece for a 12mm, or smaller. The heavy & stable tripod mount is easy to set up, and the large rotation nobs allow you to smoothly track your subject as the Earth rotates. The Red Dot spotting site is dead-on accurate (once you dial it in). If you want a good, intermediate telescope: one that's neither too cheap, nor one that's too expensive, the 130mm Newtonian should fit your needs quite well. (Image of the Moon has been rotated and adjusted with photo software).