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Telescopes for kids aged 6-8

These telescopes are suited to most kids aged 6-8 who are beginning to enjoy the discovery and exploration of nature.

They are complete telescope kits that are easy to set up. They have enough size and power to offer powerful views of the moon and, on clear nights, planets.

They are all rugged, low-maintenance refractor telescopes with easy-to-use altazimuth mounts. 

Some of them include educational materials to enhance the educational experience.

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Sky-Watcher Classic 200P 8" Dobsonian Telescope

This is a really great telescope at a really great price. The weather has been a bit so-so since we put this together, and we only had a couple of nights to use it so far, but have had some good viewing sessions.

This shroud covers it all.

This shroud blocks out all of the light trespass in my area. It has two slots for the eyepiece and the finder scope. A must have item for this instrument.

Nicely emersive experience.

This lens has me looking into more 2" eyepieces from the same series. The views are amazing and Crystal clear. Literally room to stretch out the eyes.
Ring Nebula is so beautiful through this lens, truly breathtaking.

Fast, reliable, spot on customer service.

I have been in the market for an Ultralight 12" Dobsonian telescope. Ryan helped me with useful information on Explore Scientific telescope. What an amazing purchase. A high quality instrument and a dream come true for collimation. Great company, great scope.

Coming equipped with two decent eyepieces and an adapter is nice. Will upgrade to a 2" eyepiece one day, but not in the budget right now. Thanks to Ryan for help with ordering.