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Telescopes for kids aged 6-8

These telescopes are suited to most kids aged 6-8 who are beginning to enjoy the discovery and exploration of nature.

They are complete telescope kits that are easy to set up. They have enough size and power to offer powerful views of the moon and, on clear nights, planets.

They are all rugged, low-maintenance refractor telescopes with easy-to-use altazimuth mounts. 

Some of them include educational materials to enhance the educational experience.

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This was an awesome buy! Great starter telescope, would recommend!

I took the attached photo with my phone through the telescope (with the phone included smartphone adapter)


This telescope is awesome. My wife and I are serious beginners and have been loving it. Ryan with telescope space has been nothing but incredible. So very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Thank you guys so much for a fantastic start to this amazing hobby!!!

Quality and value - across the board

My first telescope purchase and I hit the jackpot with Telescope Space! While doing my research, I found that pricing at the various online sites was very comparable. I chose Telescope Space for my purchase because of the avaialability of the equipment in which I was intersted. Little did I know that I would receive the absolute best online customer service I have ever experienced. And when I was having a problem with my newly purchased telescope (my problem - not the equipment's) I made a call to Telescope Space and was provided fantastic assistance by the founder of the company.

If you value customer service, I strongly suggest using telescope Space for all your astronomical optical needs - you won't be sorry you did. . .

Great Telescope for beginner

Astronomer myself, I choiced this telescope for my 5 years old son who wants to explore the Universe.... And I ve been very impressed by the global quality of this product... all the optics are good enough to watch planets and near Messier objects....It s a great deal for all beginner (young and even expert)...