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This was an awesome buy! Great starter telescope, would recommend!

I took the attached photo with my phone through the telescope (with the phone included smartphone adapter)


This telescope is awesome. My wife and I are serious beginners and have been loving it. Ryan with telescope space has been nothing but incredible. So very helpful and a pleasure to work with. Thank you guys so much for a fantastic start to this amazing hobby!!!

Quality and value - across the board

My first telescope purchase and I hit the jackpot with Telescope Space! While doing my research, I found that pricing at the various online sites was very comparable. I chose Telescope Space for my purchase because of the avaialability of the equipment in which I was intersted. Little did I know that I would receive the absolute best online customer service I have ever experienced. And when I was having a problem with my newly purchased telescope (my problem - not the equipment's) I made a call to Telescope Space and was provided fantastic assistance by the founder of the company.

If you value customer service, I strongly suggest using telescope Space for all your astronomical optical needs - you won't be sorry you did. . .

Great Telescope for beginner

Astronomer myself, I choiced this telescope for my 5 years old son who wants to explore the Universe.... And I ve been very impressed by the global quality of this product... all the optics are good enough to watch planets and near Messier objects....It s a great deal for all beginner (young and even expert)...